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i help you create the best résumé and selection criteria even if you've tried and failed to get a job before


I help you to create high-quality job applications so you can relax, knowing you're ahead of your competition. Your work, study and life experiences are framed into highly effective, attractive language that recruiters want to read, so you get that elusive job interview. One-on-one, specialised interview coaching prepares you for any 'curveballs' that might be thrown your way, and ensures you are the best-prepared and most confident candidate.

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"Let's get you that Australian Public Service job or promotion you want!"

Angela McPhillips (at the Grand Canyon!)

What I Offer you

I give you the edge  in the hyper-competitive APS jobs market by:

  • writing you a fantastic résumé
  • writing focussed, clear and compelling selection criteria (without making you sound like a robot!)
  • transforming your work, school, teaching or volunteering experience into a powerful narrative that says 'I will be great at this job!'  
  • 'translating' your work and life experience into 'public service' language for maximum impact
  • preparing you for the interview with practical strategies to control your nerves and give you the confidence to nail it.

What people say


ABOut Job Applications

"Angela, I can’t thank you enough for the help you provided with my job applications.
Your background, knowledge and experience within the private and public sector, show through in your writing style and the professional standard of my job application.
I got offered two of the three jobs I applied for in the Public Service. My feedback from the job I didn’t get was that my application was at a very high standard and very professional, it was just a highly competitive round.
Your service takes the stress and angst out of applying for a job. It removes the ‘It’s too hard’ factor that people believe is involved with writing selection criteria.
You are fabulous at what you do and I will be recommending your services to others.
Thank you again"

- Nikki, 26

"After numerous unsuccessful job interviews, I received coaching from Angela. Her advice was so useful. She taught me general interview tips and tricks and also helped with ideas for answers to likely questions. I now feel so much more confident in interviews - I have been offered a job after all five interviews I've had since her coaching!
Also, when faced with decisions about my career, I have sought out Angela's advice. I have truly appreciated and benefited from her thoughtfulness, knowledge and experience."

 - Helen, 26

"One of my biggest fears is applying for jobs and not having a clue about what to include in my application. Angela is the saving grace for those of you stuck in this way. I came to her with two separate jobs I wanted to apply for, each of which required completely different skill sets.
I felt like an absolute goof asking for what I thought was the impossible!
Sure enough, Angela had a fantastic result in my mailbox within a matter of days: complete with résumé, cover letter and a document detailing her approach. I 100% recommend her to all of you who are in need!
Thank you, Angela and, by the way, I was offered both jobs!"

                - Tess, 27

"Angela has extensive experience in education and the public service. She uses this very effectively in providing sound, practical and well considered advice. Angela has a great sense of humour and is very personable. She puts you at ease and works with you to get the best results in your resume, application and interview. 
Angela is a gifted and articulate communicator. She has the ability to help you identify your strengths and relate these to the position you are applying for.  She is highly skilled in determining what is relevant in addressing selection criteria and responding to interview questions.
I highly recommend Angela if you are seeking professional assistance in winning a job." 

 - Ros, 60

       Angela revised my résumé and wrote a one and half page 'pitch' for an APS Graduate Program that I'm              able to easily adapt for a variety of Departments. She was able to frame my experience in the best possible            way. The clear structure, conciseness and professional tone of her writing has, I'm sure, greatly enhanced my        chances of success as I  apply for Graduate Programs and other APS roles.' 

                    - Matthew, 25

       Angela competed a CV for me and I couldn't believe how good my experience and skills looked and                    sounded following her revision of my material.

                   - Miren, 56


about Interview Coaching

"Having been on numerous interview panels in the past herself, Angela is an expert at knowing what the panel is looking for. This insight was invaluable in the lead-up to my initial interview for the APS. The feedback from the interview panel was overwhelmingly positive - which can be directly attributed to Angela's advice and coaching.
She is a professional, courteous and good-humoured interview coach, and I have used her methods and advice in later interviews. I have even gone back to her before significant interviews to sharpen up my techniques - which proved to be a very wise decision. I have won every job I have interviewed for, thanks to Angela's expertise."

 - Pete, 25

"I engaged Angela for help with responses to selection criteria and interview coaching for an executive level position in the APS. Her editing and re-writing of my material really added focus and value to my written application and the interview coaching boosted my confidence.
Angela helped me analyse how I could improve my responses and took me through a 'mock' interview. As a result, I performed very well in my interview - a lot better than on previous occasions.
Thanks, Angela, for providing such a prompt and valuable service. I will definitely use your services again and recommend you to others."

                     - Kate

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